With a dynamic duo of training equipment, this bundle will launch your fitness resolutions into high gear, at home. This bundle gives you the equipment and workouts you need to get the results you want in the time you have. It includes the TRX HOME Suspension Training Kit with six, 15-30-minute workouts and the TRX Rip Training Basic Kit with a 30-minute, real-time workout. It’s everything you need to get strong, tone up, trim down, look great and unleash your beast. Both Kits also come with a door anchor and a lightweight carrying bag so you can take your workouts outside or on the road. Double down and step up your training with this bundle, now.

The Ultimate TRX Training Bundle Includes:

-TRX HOME GYM Suspension Training Kit
-Six Downloadable Suspension Training Workouts
-TRX Rip Training Basic Kit
-30-minute Real-time Rip Workout
-Rip Trainer Exercise Booklet
-TRX Fusion Workout with Coach Dos Download
-4 TRX Mini Bands, X-light, Light, Medium, and Heavy

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